Latina Mama Prowls on Son's Campus!

1 year ago
Mercedes Carrera may have just dropped her son back off at university early to prepare for resuming his studies, but she’s a rapid study herself. Her son’s friend Dustin hasn’t quite yet returned to campus, and when he comes a-knocking looking for his pal, she knows just what she’s getting into. That’s why she invites him in and tells him how much she’s always liked him and idea he was such a graceful young male. And now that he’s of age, she’s not letting him out of her grasp…at least not until she’s had her way with him. Before he can flee out the door, Mercedes is in her bang-me lingerie and telling him he’s going nowhere, that she’s doing him a favor by preparing him for all the sly vixen coeds in student. The sexy Latina COUGAR blows her son’s friend’s grand rod and screws him with her wet, educating piss hole so that he’ll have just the tools to use with his tool at school.