Video | Lingerie Testing at BFF's Space ends in Cheating

1 year ago
Paisley Rae is picking up a book at her friend’s house while nobody’s home, so she invites herself to have a tiny fun around her friend’s mom’s vanity, admiring all the perfume, jewelry, and especially the lingerie. Never a shy babe, Paisley even decides to step into the hot bra and panties hanging on the chair. And what do you know, it all fits! But while adoring the reflection in the mirror, what she doesn’t hear is her friend’s pappy Ryan in the hallway….and it’s not until she spots him watching her that she’s aware of his presence. But he doesn’t yell at her or advise her to go; rather, he puts his arms around her and tells her how sexy she looks. His housewife is gone and his daughter isn’t around…it’s the marvelous time to screw her friend with none one the wiser.