English Teacher Cherie DeVille teaches about Biology 2!

1 year ago
What does it choose to graduate before summer hits and you enter student in the fall? Apparently, physical education! Tyler learns a harsh lesson when his English teacher Cherie DeVille tells him he won't be walking with the other students at graduation because he didn't complete gym. Never one for phys ed, Tyler starts freaking out about the situation until Ms. DeVille provides him with a potential solution: prove his physical mettle with her and she can sign a waiver exempting him any gym-class testing he'd have to complete to graduate. Tyler's not so sure about it…that is, until the sexy blonde teacher is up on her desk with her legs spread wide open! Will Tyler be able to perform all the eating, pumping, screwing and cumming necessary with Ms. DeVille in order to go avoid summer school? Search out!